Hi, I'm Tom, also known as cpdt and previously mrfishie. I come from, and currently live in, the sunny eastern coast of Australia. From an early age I've been interested in computers, software, and design. I'm also interested in lighting design and tech, photography/videography, rendering, functional languages & language design, and open-source.

I'm experienced in designing developing software and websites built with modern web technologies, NodeJS, and PHP. I'm also experienced in building native applications with C# and WPF, as well as C++ and OpenGL. I've also experimented with functional-paradigm languages such as Haskell and Scala, and am interested in functional language design.

I sometimes publish different libraries and projects on my Github account (previously on my old account), however am mostly inactive there due to my demoscene involvement.


Want to get in touch? Hit me up on Twitter, or shoot me an email. I'm also often active as cpdt on the #revision channel on IRCNet.